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"The Internet is used to inspire and mobilize local terrorists ... functioning as a virtual training camp. Each member state shall take the necessary measures to ensure that terrorist-linked offenses include ... public provocation to commit a te

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USA Today

Makeshift bomb attacks by insurgents — common in Iraq and Afghanistan — are on the rise in other countries, prompting concerns by military experts that the tactic is becoming the weapon of choice by terror groups worldwide. [Bush's legacy.]

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LA Times

If Al Qaeda strikes the West in the coming months, it's likely the mastermind will be a stocky Egyptian explosives expert with two missing fingers. His alias is Abu Ubaida al Masri. Hardly anyone has heard of him outside a select circle of anti-t

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Federation of American Scientists

Here's the captured documents recently released showing the lack of links between Saddam Hussian and Al-Qaeda. It comes in 5 volumes, along with Dept of Defense's report on these same documents.

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What we tolerate, we become. Our government, in the name of our country and our citizens, has become as the rogue nations and those behaviors we profess to reject.

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Miami Herald

The Pentagon has decided to let ECs, or enemy combatants, do it too -- phone home. The Department of Defense has approved a policy to let some of the 275 war-on-terror detainees [the worst of the worst] speak by phone with family.

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A real war hero???? See what the Vets have to say about it and also see how the hero McCain treats a lady questioning the Senate for their refusal to fund efforts to search for Vietnam MIA/POWs. How deep does the Rabbit Hole go?

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DNN (kudos Tyger)

An English travel agent had 80 websites blacklisted by the United States government. The Treasury Department ordered [the ISP] eNom to disable Marshall’s tourism sites because they helped Americans evade travel restrictions to Cuba.

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MSNBC / James Popkin

The Department of Homeland Security is reminding law-enforcement officials of the increased use of female suicide bombers worldwide, and warning that women might hide explosives in devices “that mimic the look of a pregnant woman.”

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