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Federal Reserve

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New York Times

Making fake money remains a thriving enterprise in the United States, as it has been since before the Civil War. In more than two-thirds of all cases, criminals manipulate scanners, printers and toner ink to create money where once there was none.

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Mike Salvi's World

On December 15, 2012, activist group Truth, Freedom, Prosperity hosted the East Coast Bitcoin Summit at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. The entire event was from 1pm-5pm. We were fortunate enough to have great speakers join us to help create a bett

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bloomberg., By Liz Capo McCormick & Daniel Kruger

Even as U.S. government debt swells to more than $16 trillion, Treasuries and other dollar fixed- income securities will be in short supply next year as the Federal Reserve soaks up almost all the net new bonds.

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Free Press Publications

Every year or two a proposal comes forth that would abolish the $1 bill and “replace it” with a dollar coin. Such a switch would save estimated $4.4 billion over 30 years or roughly $147 million per year (a drop in the bucket when compared to the fed

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This newly discovered, expanded version of Aesop’s most famous fable bears an eerie resemblance to the modern day and sheds new light on its tragic moral. One day a countryman checking his goose’s nest found there an egg all green and flattened. W

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Whereby government intervention – not the rigours of the free market – is the cause of the financial mayhem on Wall Street that becomes economic crises on Main Street. The Global Financial Crisis shows that it is not ‘capitalism’ (Karl Marx’s insult

Article Image, By: John Carney

There’s already talk on Wall Street about the possibility of the Federal Reserve providing further monetary accommodation in response to the damage wrought by Sandy.