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The US Government and its political apologists have repeatedly called the Seymour Hersh expose of what really happened, the who, how, and why of Nordstream 1 and 2 fantasy, fiction and completely false.

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While American interventionists remain stone-cold silent about the way that the Pentagon, operating through its old Cold War dinosaur NATO, knowingly, deliberately, and intentionally provoked Russia into invading Ukraine...

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Starting Over - As we said in Lesson #3, in the years surrounding 1,200 BC, every major ruling group in the Near East was wiped out. Egypt was the only exception, and just barely at that.

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The Highwire - Del Bigtree - Bitchute

Human rights activist and Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav, joins Del in studio to talk about her unspeakable childhood in a Romanian concentration camp, and draws comparisons to this incredibly dark time in history to how current day governments worl

Article Image By Stefan Stanford

'Concentrated Political Power Is The Most Dangerous Thing On Earth - The More Power A Regime Has, The More Likely People Will Be Killed' - Doctor Warns America Was The Real Target Seen In 'The Deagel Report Culling'

Article Image, Aden Tate

I believe it was FA Hayek who once said that it wasn't until the time of the Holocaust that many Europeans finally realized that what was written in dry, old philosophy books could actually have a direct impact on their life.

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35 years ago, the big media scare was over population - we were all doomed. Then it was the coming ice age that was going to kill everyone. Now we're all going to die of global warming. Kind of typical that Lennon didn't follow the mainstream thought