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Alex Jones Channels Glenn Beck

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(Now, you be quiet over there, Brock Lorber!  lol.) 
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Gun Rights
PURE THUGGERY! BATF & Austin PD attempt to shut down gun shows by threats and false arrests.
Chip Saunders
   Police, under the direction of ATF, told Boedeker he would be required to follow their “recommendations” or they would close down his event. Boedeker said he was told “you do what we say or we shut you down.”

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Comment by Maggie
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 Jones will do anything to be noticed and although he has some good info he is selective, controlling, narcissistic, and his Beck attack got him the "needed" attention to get his name back out there.

I wouldn't trust Jones to walk my dog.

Comment by Brock
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Leave Brittney alone.

Comment by foundZero
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Glen Beck and Alex Jones on cable television? Together? At the same time? No way. Can't happen. Would even Fox be crazy enough to let it happen?

It's probably the worst time to make light of a situation but can you imagine the two of them boo-hooing up there? Tears and snot all over the place, piles of wadded up tissues....Saturday Night Live wouldn't be able to touch it.

Ever see the Youtube of Alex with the Joker face paint on as he gets so into character that he rips off his headphones and starts rampaging through his own studio? And his staff do a spontaneous job of following the action and man, you know how wearing a costume allows you to really get into a character? Alex in a costume on a tear is something to behold.