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Voters elect Ed Foster as Quartzsite's mayor again! - by Jennifer "Jade" Jones

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by Jennifer "Jade" Jones
Quartzsite, Arizona voters turned out in record numbers yesterday to send a message.  And that message was "NO" on Proposition 1 (444 votes to 149), meaning 75% 0f voters wanted an elected not an appointed mayor
The mayor they chose was Ed Foster.

At odds with the rest of the council before he even took office in 2010, Foster had lost a recall election to Fire Captain Jose Lizarraga in August by a narrow margin.  That recall was spearheaded by then Councilman Jerry Lukkasson and his wife Michelle.  Lizarraga refused to run again for his expiring mayor's seat and Lukkasson resigned from the council for a chance to  wield the gavel.  Now, the voters of Quartzsite have put Foster back in as the town CEO, and by a respectable margin.

Two expiring seats on the town council will go to a run off election in May, with incumbents Barbara Cowell and Joe Winslow facing off against Pat Workman and Mark Orgeron.

Provisional ballots and late mail in ballots have yet to be added in to the totals, but write in candidate John Prutch was trailing appointed incumbent Mike Jewitt by 19 votes in the "special" election contrived through fraud by town officials. Poll workers reported that the layout of the ballot had many people confused and it's believed that the twenty two write in votes in the regular election were meant to be cast for the special election. That would likely have put Prutch over the top.

Foster will be sworn back in as mayor at the next regular meeting of the common council. He will have to wait until the May election before he gets anyone to second his motions and open things up for discussion and possible action.

Jennifer "Jade" Jones

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Comment by Joseph Cronin
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Comment by Shanana Rain Golden-Bear
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This article was premature. The final unofficial results (issued this afternoon) indicate there will be a Quartzsite mayoral run off between Ed Foster and Jerry Lukkasson in May. The figures are as follows:

Foster received 320 votes with 49.84%

Lukkasson received 250 votes with 38.94%

Jenny Mills received 61 votes with 9.50%

Write-ins received 11 votes with 1.71%

Total votes cast for mayor was 642

To view the results of all candidates visit

Comment by Henry Bowman
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Would have been nice if there had been a little more exposition about who is who. I remember there was some serious jackbootery going on in Quartzsite, but I don't remember which of these people did what. 

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