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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - TSA - Gary Franchi - Marc Stevens

Fox TV10 and TV3 visit FreedomsPhoenix Studios to interview Ernest Hancock on air about the TSA Opt Out Day. - Gary Franchi and Marc Stevens talk with Ernest about their topics for the FreedomSummit

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Comment by Ducatijeanne
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Wow!  This show is fabulous.  Ernie, are YOU having fun yet?  The visuals are really amazing.


Ha, what a surprise, Channel 10 and 3 missed the main issues AGAIN.  Their "newcasts" made much out of opt outs causing delays and inconveniencing all the harried travelers who are just trying to get home for Thanksgiving. And not EVERYONE will get scanned, only a select FEW will be Zapped with radiation or manhandled: so what is the big deal?  lamestream reports. 


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