02-19-14 -- Paul Snow all 3 hours +++ BONUS - Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED) 
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Subject:  Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

02-19-14 -- Paul Snow all 3 hours +++ BONUS - Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

Paul Snow (President and Founder of the Texas Bitcoin Association) comes on the show to promote the Texas Bitcoin Conference March 5th and 6th in Austin, TX Ernest and Paul FULLY Express themselves - Regulation vs. NOT!

Program Date:  Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Full Show:
Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 210:0 Mins and Secs

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Host: Ernest Hancock
Email: ernesthancock@cox.net
Website: www.ernesthancock.com

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement -- that will come in its own time.

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Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 210:0 Mins and Secs
Guests Paul Snow
Topics President and Founder of the Texas Bitcoin Associa , Texas Bitcoin Conference March 5th and 6th

Hour 1-3 -- Paul Snow (President and Founder of the Texas Bitcoin Association) comes on the show to promote the Texas Bitcoin Conference March 5th and 6th in Austin, TX (all 3 hours +++ BONUS)

CALL IN TO SHOW: 602-264-2800

February 19th, 2014
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
on LRN.FM / Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - Noon (EST)
Studio Line: 602-264-2800 

Hour 1
2014-02-19 Hour 1 Paul Snow (Video Archive): 

2014-02-19 Hour 1 Paul Snow from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Paul Snow
President and Founder of the Texas Bitcoin Association
Webpage: TexasBitcoinConference.Com

2014 Texas Bitcoin
Conference Austin, Texas March 5th and 6th
Conference Location: Circuit of the Americas™
The Texas Bitcoin Conference will be held in the Technology and Conference Center, a state of the art, 44,000 square foot facility.
Bitcoin is clearly the most exciting Internet protocol today.
Texas Bitcoin Conference

The Texas Bitcoin Conference will allow attendees to explore this new technology from a host of angles.  It will help answer the questions a range of people have about Bitcoin and what it means, to them personally, to their businesses and to the future.  The Conference will be organized into three speaking tracks, an exhibit hall in the pit lane garages, an open air networking lobby and a number of additional opportunities.

No matter your knowledge level or involvement with Bitcoin, you will feel welcome and come away with valuable information putting you ahead of the curve.

See y'all there!

Circuit of the Americas™
Technology and Conference Center

With the Bitcoin price racing up the charts, having the Texas Bitcoin Conference at a world premiere race track seems very appropriate.

The Texas Bitcoin Conference will be held in the Technology and Conference Center, a state of the art, 44,000 square foot facility.

Circuit Of The Americas is a multi-purpose facility that will host the most prestigious racing events in the world, including the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™. It is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S.
This Year's Speaker List:
Ben Swann

Journalist, Reality Check series

Ben Swann has spent 15 years working as a journalist in broadcast news. Moving his way up through the ranks from news photographer to prime time anchor, Ben became the main anchor at WXIX, Fox 19 in Cincinnati, Oh. It was at Fox 19 that Ben became the producer/writer/anchor of a segment called “Reality Check”. While covering the 2012 Republican Presidential primary, Swann began to confront problems in the American electoral process, the stranglehold of America’s two party system and the suppression of voters’ choices by mainstream media.

After receiving international acclaim on for his Reality Check series, which was viewed by people in 140 countries over 10 million times, Ben set out to launch his own media company and the Truth in Media Project in 2013. Today, you can find Ben's work at BenSwann.com, and on his Roku and Youtube channels.

Ravi Iyengar
Founder & CEO, CoinTerra, Inc
Prior to founding CoinTerra, Ravi was CPU Lead Architect at Samsung Corporation. He has over 15 years of leadership and management experience at prominent semiconductor companies including Samsung, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Intel. Ravi’s areas of technical expertise include micro-architecture, architecture, RTL design and verification in CPU, GPU, desktop and server chipsets, and ASIC cores. Ravi holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Wright State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India. Ravi has submitted several patents and presented papers in numerous international forums.
Jeffrey Tucker
CEO, Liberty.me

Jeffrey Tucker serves as CEO of Liberty.me, a social network and community-based publishing platform. He is also distinguished fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education, Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books, and research fellow of the Acton Institute. He is the founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, serves as economic consultant to the popular podcast Let’s Talk Bitcoin, and writes a fortnightly column for Crisis Magazine. He is author of Bourbon for Breakfast, It’s a Jetson’s World, and A Beautiful Anarchy, and thousands of articles, introductions, and prefaces. Following his 15 years as editor and builder of the website Mises.org, he now writes and speaks widely, and curates and writes editorial introductions to the product offerings for the Laissez Faire Club.

Andreas Antonopoulos
Founder, RootEleven

Former founding partner of Nemertes Research an Industry Analyst firm, Andreas is a broad-reaching technologist, who is well-versed in many technology subjects. He is a serial tech entrepreneur, having launched businesses in London, New York, and California, in the Bay Area. He has earned degrees in Computer Science, Data Communications and Distributed Systems. With experience ranging from hardware and electronics to high level business and financial systems technology consulting and decades as CTO/CIO/CSO in many companies — he combines authority and deep knowledge with an ability to make complex subjects easy to understand.

He often brings a fresh perspective to a topic with surprising insights and his ability to identify underlying principles and connections between different topics. More than 200 of his articles on security, cloud computing and data centers have been published in print and syndicated worldwide. His many expertise include Bitcoin, crypto-currencies, Information Security, Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Linux, Open Source and robotics software development. He also has been CISSP certified for 12 years.

Stefan Molyneux
Host of Freedomain Radio

Stefan Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show in the world. He is an acclaimed public speaker, and has interviewed world experts on moral philosophy, politics and relationships. He also spent 15 years as a software developer, manager and entrepreneur.

Dan Held
Co-founder and Designer, ZeroBlock and Lead Product Manager, Blockchain.info

Dan Held is the lead product manager for Blockchain.info, the world’s most popular web wallet. Dan was also the co-founder and designer of ZeroBlock, the highest rated and most reviewed mobile app for Bitcoin. ZeroBlock was recently acquired by Blockchain in an all Bitcoin acquisition. Dan’s previous experience was in cash flow modeling, capital stack structuring, and acquisitions. Dan studied Finance with an emphasis in international business at Texas A&M.

Anthony Gallippi
Co-founder and CEO, BitPay Inc.

Anthony Gallippi, co-founder and CEO, saw a need for bitcoin payment processing and founded BitPay in 2011. As a start-up, Mr. Gallippi is involved in all of the day-to-day operations including new business development, marketing, and customer service. Mr. Gallippi has 15 years of experience in sales and marketing working in the Robotics industry.

Bitcoin is a new financial technology, invented in 2009 as the first peer-to-peer digital currency. Using bitcoin, it is possible to send money like an email - to anyone, anytime, anywhere- without going through a bank or government or corporation.

Before founding BitPay, Mr. Gallippi was District Sales Manager at Aerotech and Regional Sales Manager at Industrial Devices Corporation.

Mr. Gallippi has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jason King
Sean's Outpost
Jason King is a homeless advocate from Pensacola, Fl. He is best known as the founder of Sean’s Outpost / Satoshi Forest and feeding tens of thousands of meals to the homeless all paid for with Crypto-Currency.
Charlie Lee
Creator, Litecoin

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin, the most popular alternative currency to Bitcoin. He is a software engineer at Coinbase. Prior to joining Coinbase, he spent 6 years at Google working on YouTube Mobile, Chrome OS, and the Google Play Games platform. Charlie earned a Bachelors and Masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science from M.I.T.

Pua Pyland
Bitcoin Blogger, The Bitcoin Wife

Pua and her husband Ta'a are full-time Bitcoiners and have been involved in the Bitcoin community since early 2011. Together they founded Bitcoin Hawaii, a group supporting the Hawaiian Bitcoin community. Pua is a vocal advocate for women in Bitcoin and blogs about related fabulousness at TheBitcoinWife.com.

She is a member of the New Money Systems Advisory Board for the Lifeboat Foundation, and has donated her time and Bitcoin to various charitable efforts. She is currently working on several community projects, including the official 2014 Bitcoin Weight Loss Challenge, and has been known to make delicious Bitcoin cookies. Pua has a background in Healthcare IT as a Clinical Information Systems Analyst and Educator.

Jeff Berwick
Editor In Chief at The Dollar Vigilante

Jeff Berwick is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and thought leader who is well known for his writing at The Dollar Vigilante and regular appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and keynote speeches at liberty, finance, precious metals and Bitcoin conferences worldwide.

Extended Profile
Cody Wilson
Founder and Director, Defense Distributed

Texan crypto-anarchist that is the founder and director of Defense Distributed, the non-profit digital publisher behind the 3D printed gun and Bitcoin Dark Wallet. Cody Wilson made Forbes 30 Under 30, "the face of printable firearms," and was named by Wired as one of the 15 most dangerous people in the world.

Chris Odom
Co-founder and CTO, Monetas and Creator, Open-Transactions

Chris is the creator and lead developer of the Open-Transactions digital finance suite. His eighteen-year software career has encompassed coding and managing enterprise software development projects for leading US and foreign multinationals.

Developer, Bitcoin Core; Creator, TonalCoin; Founder, Eligius Mining Pool and Lead Developer, BFGMiner

Luke Dashjr is a prolific cryptocurrency developer who has been especially active in the development of cutting edge mining software, as well as the reference Bitcoin wallet (also known as Bitcoin-Qt or Bitcoin Core). In addition to his work on Bitcoin, Luke also created the first altcoin and regularly critiques technical details in other new altcoins.

Catheryne Nicholson
Founder, MommaZoo

Catheryne Nicholson is Founder of MommaZoo, a K-12 education company, and a soon-to-be-announced Bitcoin start-up. Catheryne is an engineer, entrepreneur, and mother. She has built energy and emissions management, CRM, and defense software for C3, Siebel Systems, and Northrop-Grumman. She graduated from the U.S Naval Academy and Stanford University and holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering, a MS in Environmental Engineering, a MBA, and is a registered PE in Mechanical Engineering.

Susan Hitch
CFO, the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Susan Hitch is Chief Financial Officer of the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, located in downtown Las Vegas, the first casino properties to accept Bitcoin. Co-Owner and CEO Derek Stevens decided to adopt the currency to meet the demands of his customers and accommodate another preferred method of payment. Susan successfully guided the internal setup process and customer interface for the BitPay systems and trained staff within a matter of days. The properties accept bitcoin at six locations including both hotels’ front desks and the D’s gift shop and restaurants, Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse, D Grill and American Coney Island.

Before entering the gaming industry, Susan began her career as a CPA with Ernst & Young in Chicago, IL in 2000. After 3 years as Controller at Cold Heading Company in Warren, MI, also owned by Derek Stevens, she was named Controller of Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in 2008. When Golden Gate’s owners purchased the former Fitzgeralds in 2011, Susan was named Chief Financial Officer of the sister properties.

Michael Terpin
Co-Founder and CEO, BitAngels.co and SocialRadius

Michael has operated a leading high-tech PR and online marketing firm since 1990. During the “first Internet boom” Michael and his team launched such brands as the America Online Greenhouse, EarthLink, the Motley Fool and Jupiter Communications. Today, the team represent a variety of Web 2.0, consumer electronics/videogame, wireless and IT companies, including Augmentum, BitGravity, CyberDefender, Entropia Universe, MyPublicInfo, the Red Herring and Xandros.

LinkedIn Profile
David Johnston
Executive Director at BitAngels.co, Founder at Engine.co, and General Governance Inc. LinkedIn Profile
Matthew Roszak
Co-Founder, SilkRoad Equity - Bitcoin Venture Investor and Speaker - BitAngels

Named as one of the "who's who of the crypto-currency world" by The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Roszak is a Bitcoin investor and speaker, and has backed several Bitcoin start-ups including GoCoin and ExpressCoin. Mr. Roszak is also the Chicago City Leader for BitAngels, the largest Bitcoin investment network in the United States. Mr. Roszak is co-founder and vice chairman of SilkRoad Equity, a global private investment firm. Mr. Roszak has spent over 18 years in private equity and venture capital and invested in excess of $1 billion of capital in a broad range of industries.

Josh Tolley
Nationally syndicated talk show host, The Josh Tolley Show

As a supporter of crypto-currency and alternative currency, Josh Tolley, addresses how currency in and of itself is just a tool. With millions of people feeling the grip of central bank, fiat currency in their lives they are looking to alternative currency as the solution. For alternative currency to truly empower the people towards the solution in which they are searching for and need, the people need to learn how currency is not only a tool but how to use it. If any economic model uses employment as its primary engine of economic activity it is destined to fail. If, however, the economic engine is primarily powered by entrepreneurship, then the people once again regain the power and alternative currency can live out its full potential.

Tuur Demeester
Founder, Adamant Research

Tuur Demeester is owner of Adamant Research, a research firm focused on how to invest and live a free life in the new world. His subscription based newsletter MacroTrends was the first in the world to consistently recommend Bitcoin as an investment, from january 2012 at $5. He's also an investor in the Austin based Bitcoin Mining company CoinTerra.

After reading Ludwig von Mises' Human Action as a student, Tuur decided to drop out of university and pursue his studies in a self-directed manner. He co-founded the Murray Rothbard institute in 2007 and later translated Jesus Huerta de Soto's Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles into Dutch. He also co-founded two private Sudbury schools, one in Belgium and one in the Netherlands. Tuur has lived in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Chile and Argentina, speaks or mumbles in six languages, and has traveled to over thirty countries.

Ryan Selkis
Founder, Good-Bits and Good-Benefits

Ryan Selkis is a the founder of Good-Bits, the first charitable giving platform that allows people to donate bitcoin to any charity in the U.S. Good-Bits was a 2013 Harvard Business School New Venture Competition finalist, 2013 MassChallenge Finalist, and the U.S. Champion of Dell's Social Innovation Challenge.

Ryan is a former venture capital associate (Summit Partners) and investment banking analyst (JPMorgan). He also blogs about the Bitcoin industry from a non-technical perspective under the Two-Bit Idiot pseudonym (and no, he's not changing the name).

Teresa Warmke
Co-Founder and Treasurer, Fr33 Aid

Teresa Warmke is Co-Founder and Treasurer for Fr33 Aid, a Bitcoin-based organization of medically skilled liberty lovers created to help individuals organize projects that educate people about the value of mutual aid.

Marco Peereboom
Co-founder and CTO, Conformal Systems

Marco Peereboom serves as the CTO of Conformal Systems, an open source engineering firm focusing on privacy and security oriented solutions. He oversees and is actively involved in current product development such as Coinvoice, Cyphertite and btcd.  He has over 20 years of development experience spanning from circuit design to user facing software. 

Marco is also an avid open source developer and has worked on many projects such as OpenBSD, Bitrig, xombrero, spectrwm etc.  He is practically minded and scratches whatever itch he has.  Currently he is working on a user-transparent cryptographic communications suite.  His motto is: well, someone has got to reinvent the Internet!.

Dave Collins
Lead Programmer, Conformal Systems

Dave Collins is a software engineer and open source enthusiast who is currently a lead developer at Conformal Systems.  He has 2 decades of experience programming a wide variety of technologies including areas such as low-level proprietary assembler on military hardware, zero-knowledge remote cryptographic storage, distributed systems, databases, and numerous applications and utilities.

Dave, along with the several other members of the Conformal team, is currently primarily working on the btcd suite, which currently consists of an alternative full Bitcoin node implementation, a separate wallet implementation that interacts seamlessly with btcd, and a front-end GUI for the wallet all written in Go.  His previous exposure and expertise with virtually all technologies used in Bitcoin and strong drive to improve privacy make him a good fit for working on Bitcoin-related projects.

Stephanie Murphy, PhD
Host of Let's Talk Bitcoin and Free Talk Live

Stephanie Murphy, PhD, is a freelance voiceover artist, talk show host, and former research scientist. She hosts the popular podcast, Let's Talk Bitcoin, and is also a host of the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live. She can also be heard as an audiobook narrator on Audible.com, and voicing numerous video narrations and radio ads for clients in the bitcoin space and beyond. Stephanie has been interested in Bitcoin since 2011, and in human freedom her whole life.

Let's Talk Bitcoin Page
Adam Wyatt
COO and Lead Analyst, Digital Currency Research LLC

Adam Wyatt is the Chief Operating Officer and Lead Technical Analyst at the preeminent Bitcoin market price forecasting company, Digital Currency Research LLC (digitalcurrencyresearch.com). Adam oversees and contributes to all market analysis, writes DCR's popular weekly publication, the Bitcoin BullBear, and is an active bitcoin blogger and community member. Prior to falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and joining DCR, Adam was an operational manager at a commercial property company based in Austin, TX. Adam holds a BA in Economics and Political Science, as well as an MBA in Finance, all from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jason Tyra
Principle, Jason M. Tyra, CPA, PLLC and TyraCPA.com

Jason M. Tyra is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in the State of Texas and Principle of Jason M. Tyra, CPA, PLLC; a firm that specializes in providing advisory services and business process outsourcing to startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses nationwide. He is a regular contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, where he writes about tax, accounting and regulatory issues affecting individuals and firms using Bitcoin as a payment medium and store of wealth.

Adam Levine
Editor-in-Chief, Let's Talk Bitcoin!
Adam B. Levine is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Let's Talk Bitcoin!, a blog and twice weekly show about the ideas, people and projects building the future of money.
Brian Sovryn
Host of Sovryn Tech and Free Talk Live

Brian Sovryn is a host on the US nationally syndicated radio program--and one of the very first media outlets advocating for Bitcoin--Free Talk Live. Brian has been active in the cypherpunk community since 1998, and has been a liberty activist since 2007. He is also the creator and host of the infamous anarchist technology podcast: Sovryn Tech.

Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana Moroz is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. She has successfully written, produced and self -released 2 full length LPs, “Tatiana” and “Love and Liberty”, 2 EPs, “Fall In August Live” and “For the New Year”, as well as several singles. Tatiana graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music with a concentration in Jazz Vocal Performance and Music Business from the prestigious music school, Berklee College and has managed some of New York City’s top recording studios. Currently she is working on her third LP and performing at liberty events worldwide. She is also the owner of Same Side Entertainment, an activist/talent booking and event marketing company.

Kristov Atlas
Security expert and author of "Anonymous Bitcoin"

Kristov Atlas is a philosopher and security expert with a background in privacy, static code analysis, malware forensics, and application security. He is the author of "Anonymous Bitcoin", a guide to financial privacy and the future of money.

James D'Angelo
Co-founder & Host, World Bitcoin Network

James D'Angelo is one of the founders and hosts of World Bitcoin Network, a news & educational channel focusing on all things Bitcoin. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and worked as a design engineer for NASA in the 1990s developing electronics for the highly successful WIND spacecraft. Since then he has worked as an environmentalist in over a dozen countries around the world, particularly Gabon and Kenya, and is fluent in five languages. His wife, Ronah, is Ugandan, and together with their colleagues in Kampala, they are anticipating their launch of an international remittance company based on Bitcoin.

Catherine Bleish and John Bush
Founder, TheBitMom.com Co-star/Co-Executive Producer, Sovereign Living

Catherine Bleish of TheBitMom.com is a stay-at-farm mother of two young children and over 100 chickens in Southeast Austin. She is a vocal advocate for agorism, raising sovereign children, and sustainable living.

Catherine obtained her Masters Degree in Public Administration / Nonprofit Management and serves as a consultant to grassroots organizations in the areas of strategic planning, team development and independent research. She is also an experienced event planner and enjoys putting on large conferences.  Catherine accepts Bitcoin, Silver and barter for her services.

John Bush was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he has become a notorious community activist. He has dedicated over a decade to promoting the ideals of a free society through grassroots mobilization campaigns, speaking on liberty issues across the country, and building alternative institutions.

Well versed in precious metals and the barter economy, John has taken a keen interest in Bitcoin, launching a media, marketing, and consulting firm called SovereignBTC, and producing a weekly Bitcoin podcast with the same name.

John is also the editor and operator of The Liberty Beat, a daily radio news service which operates entirely on bitcoin. John and his wife sell chickens and eggs for Bitcoin on their farmstead, The Blush Family Farm. John and Catherine are also starring in a reality show called Sovereign Living, of which one episode is all about Bitcoin.

Dr. Max Kerr
Dentist, Vista Ridge Family Dentistry

Dr. Max Kerr was born in Lubbock and raised in Amarillo. After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Biology at Texas Tech, he relocated to San Antonio to earn his DDS degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Dr. Kerr has spent the past five years providing dental care for underserved children in San Antonio and Roswell, New Mexico. He is an active member of the ADA and was nominated for Texas’ 2011 New Dentist of the Year by the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Kerr believes that providing exceptional dentistry requires a life-long commitment to education, so he participates in numerous courses and seminars each year to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental treatments and technology.

Dr. Kerr recently became the first dentist in Texas to begin accepting Bitcoin as payment, and is very excited for the future of Bitcoin. He hopes that by accepting Bitcoin he can help merchants and consumers alike dispel and fears or questions surrounding cryptocurrencies. You can learn more about Dr. Kerr and Vista Ridge Family Dentistry by visiting VistaRidgeFamilyDentistry.com

Justus Ranvier
Bitcoin Blogger and Activist

Justus Ranvier encountered Bitcoin in 2010 from a background in nuclear power, electrical engineering, and cryptoanarchism and has been an avid proponent ever since. Since early 2013 he has worked full time on helping spread Bitcoin adoption beyond the tech crowd, building bridges between Bitcoin and other related communities, and creating new systems that fully leverage Bitcoin's unique capabilities compared to legacy currencies. He has written for Bitcoin Magazine, LocalBitcoins and his own blog.

Michael Goldstein
Co-founder, The Mises Circle and President, Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

Michael Goldstein is a computer science student at the University of Texas. He is the founder of the Mises Circle, a student-led economics reading and discussion group following in the tradition of the Austrian school, and the co-founder and president of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, a non-profit promoting scholarship exploring the history and social implications of Bitcoin, cryptography, and the wider crypto-anarchist and Cypherpunk movements. He also runs Bitstein Consulting which helps local businesses and individuals understand and implement Bitcoin payment systems.

Daniel Krawisz
Co-founder, Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

Daniel received his Master's degree in physics from The University of Texas at Austin in 2010 and is presently pursuing a Master's degree in software engineering. He has been involved with Bitcoin since early 2011 and has written numerous articles on the economics and technology of Bitcoin on TheMisesCircle.org and Bitcoin Magazine. He is also the co-founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.

Paul Snow
President, Texas Bitcoin Association and Founder, Passing Bitcoin Around the World

Paul Snow has been writing compilers, interpreters, and Rules Engines for use in graphics, embedded systems, and web applications for over 30 years. He designed and executed the Passing Bitcoin Around the World events. As an Organizer of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency meetup group, he organized the Mini Bitcoin Conference in Austin Series, which has grown into the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

LinkedIn Profile
Guests Ernest Hancock

Topics Freeedom's Phoenix Headline News , Freedom Summit 2014

Hour 2

2014-02-19 Hour 2 Paul Snow (Video Archive):

2014-02-19 Hour 2 Paul Snow from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.


Hour 3+++BONUS
2014-02-19 Hour 3 Paul Snow (Video Archive):
2014-02-19 Hour 4 -BONUS with Paul Snow
(Video Archive): 

2014-02-19 Hour 4 -BONUS with Paul Snow from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

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