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Grand Junction CO Aug. 15, 2009: Scenes from Obamacare opposition gatherings

• The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
From a Grand Junction resident: Obama In Grand Junction CO Well I'm sure you have heard the Western Slope is being subjected to a visit from White house royalty. If ever there was a mockery of Tax payers' money it is this one. I turned on Fox News around 4:30 to catch some of it. I could only manage to watch one thundering round of standing ovation. Talk about a staged showing. They are using our largest High School for the so called Town Hall meeting. As of last night NO ONE was allowed in the Bookcliff mountain range. That is the mountain range that borders our Airport. As of a certain time they will totally closing down the business loop of I-70 and it will remain closed until they have him out of here. State Police are everywhere. The Conservative Alliance held a huge rally in one of our parks this morning at 10 a.m. We went to it. I am guessing there was close to 3-4 thousand there. They had many speakers. One was Josh Penry, who will be running for

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 Red you must be having a bad day and taking too much meth. It is hard for me to decide which is better, to ignore an angry lib with a chip on your shoulder that has nothing constructive to say or tell you that you need to go play somewhere else because you are a pain in the a**. Could anyone else out there help me make a decision, suggestions would be appreciated

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 FOX News...bwaaa haaa....don't ya mean, FAUX News?  ROFL!  No wonder y'all are as misguided, hateful and ignorant as you are.  BTW, whatever would y'all sheep do without FAUX News telling ya what to think and what to feel?  Ha ha...ROFL!