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Fewer paying speed-camera tickets

• Arizona Republic

Officers sat outside Vontesmar's home and watched him drive to work. "We watched him 4 different times put the monkey mask on and put the giraffe-style mask on," Officer Dave Porter said. "Based on surveillance, we were positive that Vontesmar was the driver."

Porter said that it would be up to justices of the peace to determine what to do with Vontesmar's tickets, but the officer said there is enough evidence to reissue the tickets in Vontesmar's name, despite his claims that he was not the driver.


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Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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Whats so revolting is the last statement made by the DPS in this article.."These are people that don't respect the law". Thats really rich as Redflex and DPS are the ones that don't respect constitutional law which in itself is causing to be the catalyst for such "Monkeying around" with the court system. This DPS official really tripped up and hung himself in in own asshole on that statement.The judge will be going against the prevailing normal procedure of the courts if they find him guilty..otherwise they will be forced to reissue thousands and thousands of tickets where the drivers were not will show extreme prejudice from the Judge if he is found guilty..based on the courts other dismissed tickets and those standards... 

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Wow!  That story is just chock-full-'o good stuff!

Thank you AZ Republic for making me laugh.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Alter?  I want the other option! 

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