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2050 vision for Valley: 400 miles of new highways


To cope with Arizona's anticipated long-range population boom, planners at the Maricopa Association of Governments

have sketched out a far-reaching network of new freeways and highways beyond the White Tank and Estrella mountains, serving an area larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined, and an urban landscape stretching as far as the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1')

MAG's plans envision 400 miles of new highways and 320 miles of rail track to support the millions of people projected to move into the vast desert area by 2050.

That would double the current highway system and create a commuter-rail network that would loop around the southern mountains and deliver a badly needed line to the West Valley. MAG estimates that it would cost the region a daunting $60 billion to build all the projects on its drawing boards.


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Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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That 2050 vision will not manifest. Instead, as gas prices rise to $10 and then, $20 per gallon, you will see a complete standstill in road construction. You will see RVs abandoned, SUVs will become dinosaurs and airports will become graveyards for airplanes.  Before that happens, you won't have enough water for your own citizens let alone vegetation.  Overpopulation will not tolerate further growth in Arizona.  You can bet on it and you can count on it.  You will be forced to come to terms with limits.  I guarantee it as a man who has seen it first hand around the world.   You are so far over carrying capacity today that it will be a miracle if you survive with the population numbers you manifest today.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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We won't have the water to support all these new people.  Unless we pay to import it with the tolls collected on all these new highways.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Indebting two generations of children yet born.  Momma must be sooooo proud.