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Peru Willing to Accept U.S. Military Aid in Drug War

LIMA – President Alan Garcia said he is willing to accept U.S. military aid to combat drug traffickers, provided that this help is in the logistical and training areas, a Peruvian newspaper reported Sunday, citing an interview the head of state recently gave.

“On all matters that are humane and universal, I don’t have any disagreement over sovereignty and patriotism. That is, if the Americans would like to put training troops (here), as they have helicopters, as they have satellite trainers here, it’s just at the right time,” Garcia said.

Garcia made his remarks in an interview he gave to CNN en Español which will be broadcast next Tuesday and to which certain local media gained advance access.
[Satire from :
"Garcia then went on to point out that other countries receiving drug war aid from the U.S. — Mexico, Afghanistan, Colombia — are much more exciting than his, with massacres, shoot-outs in the streets, colorful and unpredictable police and military forces. Garcia hopes for a little more of that action, and thinks that U.S. military aid may be just the ticket."]

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Comment by Skip Robinson (5338)
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It appears that the Peruvian politicians are just as stupid or corrupt as most of our American politicians. Let see, drug prohibition hasn't worked in 50 years, it's incarceration 100 of thousands perhaps millions worldwide, more people die fighting over the drugs than taking them, it costs the tax payers $trillions that helped to bankrupt our nations and many of our States and Cities, created drug gangs and cartels, money laundering, corrupt cops, caused unconstitutional unwarranted search and seizures and increased the costs of recreational drugs by tenfold which  has increased the crime rates by ten fold.  Very well done you morons.  Why don't people like these idiots quit trying to help people by regulating their personal affairs. You're supposed to be protecting our individual rights, not taking them away.