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School District Offering Drug Testing Kits To Parents


HEMPFIELD (KDKA) — A local school district is offering take home drug tests to parents.

The test kids will be available to parents of middle school students in the Hempfield School District.

“We would rather be proactive,” Andy Leopold, superintendent, said. “We have 6,300 students in this district and if we can affect even one family or one child then we’re doing our job.”

The test will be offered to parents and will be voluntary. The results will never be given to the school district. The student cannot be punished in any way by the school system.


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Comment by David Jackson
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   "Johnny, are you using drugs?"

    "No, mom. I'd never."

    "Well, we'll soon see,you lyin' little bastard! You're takin" this damn drug test, and that's final!"


      "By the way, we trust you...And, you can come to us for anything."