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Homemade Cheeses for Beginners


I have found a new hobby in cheese making. It is an enjoyable craft that has a rewarding and edible outcome. You, too, can make some delicious, beautiful cheeses.

As far as ingredients go, the milk used in these recipes can be store bought, farm fresh (cream removed), or goat milk. However, ultra-pasteurized milk products do not work well when making cheese.

I will share recipes for some small batch cheeses. You can double (or triple) the small batches, but don’t increase the salt. I have and the cheese was much too salty.

Other than necessary equipment and ingredients for cheese, the most important thing is sanitation. A clean work area will prevent unwelcome bacteria from growing in your cheeses along with your starter cultures. Wash cooking area well and sterilize equipment (all but the thermometer). Do this by washing all equipment in hot, soapy water and rinsing well. Fill a kettle 1/3 full with water and bring to boil. Place whisk, measuring cups, and spoons into the kettle, cover, and boil for ten minutes. Allow all your tools to air dry before proceeding.



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