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6 Reasons Why Evolution Isn't A Sure Thing

•, Dina Spector
 Former children's television host and scientist Bill Nye recently captured national media attention when he blasted Americans who believe in creationism and reject Darwin's theory of evolution.

The scientific concept of evolution holds that each species on Earth developed from a process of natural selection acting on random genetic mutation.

Obviously there's loads of scientific evidence that supports evolution. But we wanted to understand the main contentions.

First, there are several different varieties of creationists.

Traditional creationists believe that the universe was created by God.

A separate theory, called Intelligent Design, does not dispute the definition of evolution as "change over time" or, for the most part, that living things are related by common ancestry. However, this group does believe that the natural world is too complex and diverse to have occurred through random processes.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Suka, I just noticed how observant you are of people’s character – you do not only read minds but also calibrate and identify them, whether their thought-process is doglike or belligerent that would kill government officials and shoot cops dead; Obama-like, tricky and always politically correct, and that of skunks whose badmouth is foul and dirty; or simply just that of a donkey that talks nonsense in Freedom Forum …! heh, he, he, he … [sorry, Suka, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I am ticklish and you are so intellectually hilarious I can’t help it …].

Comment by Suka
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Legends say that there are only three kinds of two-legged creatures that exist in this planet: The first one was created by God called "human beings" gifted with intelligence, the second human form are descendants of monkeys that think and act like chimpanzees, and the third one evolved from the earliest Minotaurs – monsters with the body of a man and head of a bull -- that inhabited Planet Earth millions of years ago right after the dinosaurs disappeared and had evolved into what they are now -- donkeys. Scientists no longer look for them as a “strange specimen” for study. They are everywhere and easy to identify.

For example, they are really not that smart because when donkeys talk, it is all nonsense –they like to chatter interminably; they unknowingly identify themselves to us every time they make comments of a donkey, right here in this website!

So what …? Is this not the result of CONVERGENCE OF TIME called “Evolution”? It sounds like this is too mechanically contrived … too incredibly coincidental that they even found a home right here in Freedom Forum.

Comment by PureTrust
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Hi James17. There are quite a few interesting thoughts at

Comment by James17
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Try to find the book, The Planet Earth Before The Fall Of Satan. One of the best books I have ever read. It will explain out the whole thing of creation and what the planet earth was like before. According to this book we are living on planet number 2 and it makes since when it is backed up with scripture.