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13 Reasons Why America Is Doomed

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 Today we face a dependency on government largesse for almost every need. Our liberties are restricted and government operates outside the rule of law, protecting and rewarding those who buy or coerce government into satisfying their demands. Here are a few examples:
Undeclared wars are commonplace.
Welfare for the rich and poor is considered an entitlement.
The economy is overregulated, overtaxed and grossly distorted by a deeply flawed monetary system.
Debt is growing exponentially.
The Patriot Act and FISA legislation passed without much debate have resulted in a steady erosion of our 4th Amendment rights.
Tragically our government engages in preemptive war, otherwise known as aggression, with no complaints from the American people.
The drone warfare we are pursuing worldwide is destined to end badly for us as the hatred builds for innocent lives lost and the international laws flaunted. Once we are financially weakened and militarily challenged, there will be a lot resentment thrown our way.

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Comment by PureTrust
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14th Amendment people are the persons who are artificial entities created by Government. They might also be people who say, out of ignorance, that they are one of more of these artificial entities.

A person with knowledge that he is NOT one of these artificial entities, can run up the expenses for Government in the courts, and at other times, when Government tries to attack him as though he were one of these artificial entities.

Possibly the biggest Government artificial entity that Government will try to accuse you of being is "your" Social Security Account.