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New wave of business opportunities involving medicinal, nutritional marijuana sweep Colorado

  An entire sector of the market that was formerly limited to only licensed marijuana dispensaries for approved medical patients, in other words, is set to potentially expand more publicly into things like bakeries that sell cannabis-infused goodies; corner coffee shops that serve joints alongside lattes; and even restaurants that serve meals containing a much different kind of hash.

Having already been coined the "green rush," the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in Colorado is generating a boom among entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the misunderstood plant, which bears a multitude of medicinal and therapeutic properties. Chef Scott Durrah, for instance, a former marine, marijuana advocate, and Denver restaurant owner, is already featuring marijuana as an ingredient in many of his and his wife's award-winning dishes and food products.

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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There are two very important things that the people need to do.

1. The people need to teach law enforcement people that IN FREEDOM is the way this country is supposed to be living. Get the freedom-reducing Federal Government/FDA monkey off our backs. Law enforcement should be working FOR the people... not against them. Keep the Feds out... or else in prison.

2. The people need to literally force their State Government leaders to enforce freedom in all areas. If the Government leaders adamantly refuse to change, the people need to remove them from office.

Colorado is a refreshing, cool breeze on a hot, muggy, summer day... refreshing in the right direction.