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Las Vegas woman sexually assaulted by court officer, then arrested for reporting it

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Several managers and employees of the Clark County Family Court in Las Vegas are under investigation in the wake of an alleged sexual assault on a woman in court and a subsequent cover-up. According to Las Vegas CBS Channel 8, a court marshal assaulted the woman, then arrested her in front of her two-year-old daughter for creating a disturbance in court as a judge looked on and did nothing.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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As a judge looked on and did nothing? These criminals are not judges. I call them black robbed devils, but the truth is that there hasn't been a real judge since the 1860's

Today they are all administrative hearing officers, (AHO's) who don't have any more jurisdiction or authority then the greeter at Wal-Mart if you know the truth and who you really are. Doesn't mean that they don't have the power to continue their fraud and crimes they commit against the sheeple on a daily basis with the help and support of their corporate thug drones with gun and badges. These brain dead nazis who apparently sign an oath to serve and protect your rights and the Constitution, don't even know the first amendment of the Constitution and pretty much don't give a shit as long as they maintain their status and get their pay check. I have always said that it is almost impossible to show someone the truth  when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth. This is all by design and will continue to be business as usual until the sheeple wake up.




Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Investigation by whom? The monkey guarding the banana plantation? The marshal got fired when he should have been arrested himself? If any regular slave were involved in this they would be in jail right now and guilty to prove their innocence.