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HP Sprout gets integrated desktop 3D scanning capabilities

•, By Richard Moss

Sprout could already scan objects placed on its horizontal workspace when it was first released last year, but it was limited to generating two-dimensional images. Now it can generate full 3D models of any objects positioned beneath its cameras.

Sprout scans objects using four Intel RealSense cameras attached to the top of its vertical display. It was previously able to use these cameras to create what HP calls a 3D Snapshot – a 3D-like two-dimensional image of objects placed on the mat beneath. However, this new update, coupled with the new proprietary 3D Capture Stage accessory, allows easy creation of full 3D digital models that can be shared, printed, and manipulated through the Sprout system. The 3D Capture Stage is essentially a turntable on which the objects to be scanned are placed, which automatically tilts 15-degrees while turning to capture all aspects of the object.