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8 Steps To A More Sustainable Lawn

• The Grow Network - Marjory WIldcraft

Ready to have your lawn produce food?

Below are some tips for getting started. Don't be fooled by how simple they are to implement—these changes will make a significant difference in the health of your lawn.

Sustainable Lawn Tip #1: Switch Out Ornamentals for Fruit Trees

Why spend time tending to a bush that won't benefit your dinner plate? Planting berry bushes and small fruit trees will add visual interest to your yard and, once they mature, they can feed you throughout the summer. Best of all, many fruit trees (like elderberries and pawpaws) are less needy than standard ornamentals, meaning you'll save on water and fertilizer use, as well

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Raise sheep, goats, and rabbits on your lawn. They will keep the grass trimmed. Their droppings will fertilize the grass. And you can butcher them for fresh meat. Just don't let your children run on the lawn barefoot. :)