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Riots in the streets: Brooks Brothers and others massing private armies.

I was really getting sick of hearing that there's going to be riots in the streets from suits on 24 hour bullshit news networks. Who are these guys talking about? Who is going to riot in the streets? The leftists are so in love with Obama it's almost like they are on tranqs and rioting isn't our style. So who else? The Huguenauts? The Wobblies or Luddites or perhaps the Shakers?

Then it hit me. They must have their own thing going. The suits and ties and Wall Street guys are planning a massive military invasion. They are lining the bottoms of their Gucci attache cases with gold to make them more effective blunt-weapons. They are all buying really pointy cufflinks to use to slash us. And whatever they are doing for shoes, we can be sure it will be painful to the shins.

I could be wrong, but we've always read between the lines when it comes to the MSM. For something this serious, we better not take chances. If anyone sees limousines massing in New Jersey, let us know. This surely foretells an invasion of our nation's capitol. Similarly, keep an eye on all those yachts tied up around lower Manhattan. You see those going anywhere in a big hurry, sound the alarm. There's only two places all those yachts and pleasure boats could me sailing for: an invasion of DC or they are all headed to the Hamptons early for the summer.

A recent piece in the Post (or some rag) told of executives saying they'd really hate to have to return bailout money (if we don't stop talking about capping their bonusses and paychecks) because it would "hurt the economy". Again, read between the lines, people. They are saying they are gonna hurt YOU. And if you seriously doubt me, you've never worked for or around these people. Try to be their waiter in a restaurant. Worse, try to be one of their wives in that same restaurant. Worse yet, try to the be kids of that wife and Mr. Limmo when they get home. We know. We see it all. We're their waiters, limo drivers, gardeners, boat-mechanics, nannies and tutors. We see and hear it all. Seriously, you have NO IDEA what these people are capable of.

I'm just saying it's well within the interests of our national security to
keep an eye on those people. They got something up those French-cuffed sleeves, I can tell. If you ask me, it's an all-out coup in the works. To all law enforcement and patriots, use extra care and caution when approaching limosines, corporate jets and private helicopters, those people could well be out to screw you.

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I've been saying this since Barrak Hussein Muhammed Obama in his campaign speech said; America is the Stongest Nation in the World. HELP ME CHANGE THA.T... No one was hearing anything but, CHANGE. The old slogan that Bill Clinton had. You can see what happened there. I'm a 77 yr. old Korean Vet, disabled but still full of Fight. I'm always ready to Defend OUR Country, OUR Constitution and OUR Citizens. The Concentration Camps that Obama has plnned for us should be used for all of his Muslim Brothers and Islamic Brothers............