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French Demand the Return of the Statue of Liberty

(Satire News) The French are protesting by the millions demanding the United States return the Statue of Liberty. We aren’t using it and don’t care about liberty – so they want it back!
As millions of French are currently fighting  for their freedom bravely and now are protesting austerity for workers in France along with a new “retirement” age – France is basically shut down. Sarkozy in hiding. France is paving the way for the rest of Europe to follow suit and they are. People united cannot be defeated. “When a people fear their government you have tyranny, when the government fears it’s people you have liberty”.
We may as well give them back the Statue of Liberty and replace it with a statue of Hitler. We are 1930s Germany now as history repeats itself.The Patriot Act, Warrant-less search and seizure, tracking of persons,largest prison population in world, told what we can eat and can’t, told what we can grow and can’t, told what we can smoke and can’t, internet kill switch bill, cameras everywhere, spying on our neighbors, scanners, biometrics, forced health insurance, useless votes, HAARP, chemtrails, taxpayer bailouts for criminals, racism, homophobia and so on and so on…….
Webster’s definition of Liberty: freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
Despotism: absolute power or control; tyranny.
Fascism: a totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism, militarism, and often racism.
If the shoe fits…toss it! 

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Comment by john king
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 The Statue of Liberty?  I say send it back.  It is a masonic symbol with a long history.  She is supposed to be Queen Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven of ancient Babylonian myth/religion.  She was a virgin queen who gave birth to the Son of God, Tammuz.  The State of Virginia is also named after her.  Washington DC is full of masonic and satanic symbolism as well.  You only need to research it.   For more on Semiramis and the Babylonian Trinity (which later was renamed and repackaged as the Christian trinity, please see:   http://ldolphin.org/semir.html

Comment by Anonymous
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 The French have no use of the Statute of Liberty, that's why they sent it to us. They want their Government to fear the people, which is anarchy. The French mentality towards order curved in their psyche in time since the Fall of Bastille is generally chaotic. In world alliance, we learned we could not rely on them. We put to good use the Statute of Liberty and attached a significant meaning to it and the world cannot help but be attracted to it.  With the Statute of Liberty, we ask the whole world to send us their rejects so that here in the land of the free, they can live in freedom. Tell that to the French and they thought it is a French kiss.