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Three Afghanis were arrested Wednesday at an international airport in India for flying with forged Mexican passports. In 2004 alone, In June 2004 alone, border patrol agents arrested 77 “Middle Eastern” men attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.

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The New York Times

In an effort to win support for a comprehensive immigration overhaul, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and its allies have blocked voting on legislation that would allow employers to hire foreign seasonal workers.

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The latest initiative by the US to seal its increasingly porous border with Mexico harks back to one of the oldest approaches: dig a moat. City officials in Yuma have come up with a scheme to create a "security channel".


Why would the citizens of America allow their culture to be overrun and even subverted by immigrants from failed cultures? Why should the US change its language and customs to meet uninvited guests' demands. What will be the end result of our s

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When U.S. authorities raised a tall curtain of steel through this tiny Arizona border town to prevent people crossing illegally from Mexico, the smugglers on the south side were ready. [hilarious and why political solutions are crap]

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Miami Herald

Bribery. Drug trafficking. Migrant smuggling. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is supposed to stop these types of crimes. But instead, so many of its officers have been charged with committing those crimes that their boss in Washington recently iss

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Arizona Republic

"I would say [expansion] is off for at least a couple of years until I see a light at the end of the tunnel," said Hernandez, who employs about 40 people. "I feel the environment in Arizona has become so anti-entrepreneurial. If I coul