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While pundits and politicians of all stripes endorse securing the border between the United States and Mexico, travels south to see what's really going on.

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The essence of the meaning of individual liberty: the freedom of people to move from one location on the planet to another without getting the permission of the state. This underlies current discussions on the so-called "immigration problem.


As predicted last week, ICE has begun factory raids of illegal aliens in Iowa. This was not very difficult to predict. The federal government last week leased out the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds in Waterloo, Iowa until May 25th and began m

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Kansas City Star

Federal agents arrested hundreds of people in raids at Pilgrim's Pride chicken plants in 5 states, the latest crackdown on illegal immigrant labor at the nation's poultry producers. In separate sweeps, authorities also arrested dozens of work

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The New York Times

Thanks to backlog of applications from legal immigrants seeking citizenship, many applications are being rejected by federal examiners due to the pressure to make quick decisions and weed out any security risks.