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Rep. Ron Paul brought a crowd at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention to its feet October 9th, delivering a fiery speech about an "intellectual revolution." He said the economy is going "to get a lot worse before it gets better" and advocated g

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Participants at the annual Summer University of the New Economics in France have been focused on Ron Paul's issue: sound money and the political propensity to inflate away debt.

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  Well I See this Web Site Has jumped on The smear Ron Paul Campaign !!. He is the Only One I Would Vote For !, Maybe you Should Stop The Smearing !! & Listen To The Voters In Stead of Telling Them, Ron Paul Has The Best Ideas Of All The Runners In T

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Ron Paul Is Right To Be a Man of Peace - Laurence Vance on Christianity and war. / Get Real - Reject the lies of the power elite, says Anthony Wile. / 'They Are Setting the Stage for Violence in This Country' - No doubt about it, says Ron Paul; there