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by Charles Scaliger The New American via LewRockwe

The September 19 cover story, “Ron Paul’s Last Crusade,” by Kevin D. Williamson, purports to be an investigative piece about Congressman Ron Paul and his latest run for the presidency, but is instead a snide character assassination of Paul and an all

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"R" presidential candidate Rick Santorum no doubt dislikes that he isn't topping any recent polls of the 2012 field, but he may dislike the thing that tops search results of his name even more. And now, he's asking search giant Google to do something

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During the Ron Paul money bomb radio marathon on Sept. 17th 2011 which raised over $1million, Charles Goyette interviewed the CIA Analyst for the Bin Laden Unit Michael Scheuer. Mr. Scheuer spoke out in support of Ron Paul’s foreign policy ‘it’s cou