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This is from the anti-war movie Shenandoah. The main character Stewart plays refuses to side with either the union or confederate factions. In this clip a confederate officer tries to conscript his sons for military service.

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I'm in a new house trying to get by without internet or cable. I'm watching the classic movie, They Live. I'm curious how many of you have seen this movie? It's a LOT of fun with kind of a libertarian/non conformist bent.

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There was a while there?let's call it "the last week of May and first week of June," for the sake of accuracy?where it seemed as if Marvel Studios' Ant-Man was a movie that might never start shooting. Those days are behind us.

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The world lost one of it?s best and brightest actors this week. Oscar-winner Robin Williams was found dead in his California home on Sunday. Investigators believe it was a possible suicide. Those of us here at WHDT remember Robin Williams best as

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