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Philosophy: Anarchism

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"Every media outlet knows there is a ceiling above their head," said Liu Shanying. "Sometimes we will work under the ceiling and avoid touching it. But sometimes we have a few brave ones who want to reach that ceiling and even express their disconten

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There has been quite a stir recently in anarchist circles on facebook regarding the imprisonment of three individuals from the Pacific northwest for refusing to cooperate with the feds.

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Day after day we read that cops or other minions of the ruling class never suffer any legal consequences for various and sundry vile actions on their part.

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By Silver Shield, on September 17th, 2012 1 year ago I started The Greatest Truth Never Told YouTube channel. In this single year we attracted over 4.3 million views and gained 18,500 subscribers. Now I am going to put my foot on the gas and I am

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Ravindra Maurya

"The birth of open source software began with a simple thought process: I had an idea and created something from it. Now, I want to share it (in its entirety) with others who might like to use it. I want them to be able to modify it, enhance it, and