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Wendy McElroy

Don't waste time complaining to the TSA about porno-scanners -- they don't care. Your congressman won't touch Homeland Security. No, it's time to complain loudly to your local airport, and demand that they use non-TSA security: The 2001 law creating

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“Opting out” for ourselves is a positive step. But unless our resistance goes further, opting out for ourselves, or objecting only when the TSA and its rent-a-cop minions cross our own boundaries, doesn’t stop the real problem. It allows these warran

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Pajamas Media

The new airport security measures meet the definition of "unreasonable search." UPDATE: Former TSA Assistant Admin admits that the 'strip and grope' violates the Fourth Amendment. Under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution: The right of t

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Prison Planet

The TSA has been hit with a number of lawsuits as the revolt against Big Sis, naked body scanners, and invasive groping measures explodes, with one case involving a woman who had her blouse pulled down in full public view by TSA goons who then procee

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The TSA’s invasive new screening measures include officers literally putting their hands down people’s pants if they are wearing baggy clothing in a shocking new elevation of groping procedures that have stoked a nationwide revolt against privacy-bus