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Terrence Aym

Columbia University doctor: people will get cancer - David J. Brenner, an expert on the effects of radiation stated that it's quite likely the TSA scanners will cause cancer in some individuals. Brenner, whose Columbia's Center for Radiological Res

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For air passengers already fed up with being hauled off to the side of the security line for a pat-down or facing aggressive questions about bulky clothing or odd items in their luggage, advocates for the disabled have this to say: Welcome to our liv

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To that end, she would like to combine the line and an array of sensors into what she calls a “tunnel of truth.” The concept — with the somewhat Orwellian name — would have passengers stand on a conveyor belt moving under an archway as various sen

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ABC-15 came to Freedoms Phoenix workshop and interviewed my dad. The interview was about 5 minutes and they only used about 6 seconds of it. Surprised?!?! I am not. They have been doing this for years...

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With the height of Thanksgiving holiday travel the next two days, the Transportation Security Administration is trying to strike a delicate balance between ensuring the safety of the traveling public and not invading people's privacy rights. But t

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has run afoul of security experts and the general public by introducing some radical changes to how airline passengers are screened -- just in time for the holiday travel peak