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Police State

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Naomi Wolf - Huffington Post

It is my argument that, beneath our very noses, George Bush (and now Obama) and his administration are using time-tested tactics to close down an open society. It is time for us to be willing to think the unthinkable - as the author and political journalist Joe Conason, has put it, that it can happen here. And that we are further along than we realise.

Conason eloquently warned of the danger of American authoritarianism. I am arguing that we need also to look at the lessons of European and other kinds of fascism to understand the potential seriousness of the events we see unfolding in the US.

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ABC News Australia

A north Queensland man who died after officers used a Taser on him was stunned more than 20 times, police say. The 39-year-old man died during a violent struggle with police at Brandon, south of Townsville, last Friday. Police initially told media the man was tasered several times.They now say data downloaded from the 50,000 volt Taser gun shows it went off 28 times before the man collapsed and died.

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Trooper Martin is a decorated veteran who recently returned from military service in the Middle East. He's also apparently a complete ass-hat. Helping destroy the remaining trust between communities and officers seems to be a priority for many modern day cops. Trooper Martin joins the growing list of nationally and internationally renown cops in the USA who are responsible for this breakdown. Currently on administrative leave (with pay of course), Oklahoma State Trooper's officer Martin will now be subject to one of those "exhaustive internal reviews" which will almost inevitably show that Oklahoma State Trooper Martin "acted within deparmental policy". Yeah guys, well that's the problem. Departmental policy for many deparments is to victimize the helpless and charge them with assault and "resisting".

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Raw Story

The CIA is adopting Web 2.0 tools such as blogs and collaborative wikis, but not without a struggle in an agency with an ingrained culture of secrecy, CIA officers said Friday.

"We're still kind of in this early adoptive stage," said Sean Dennehy, a CIA analyst and self-described "evangelist" for Intellipedia, the US intelligence community's version of the popular user-curated online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

"There's a lot of cultural issues we have to encounter with bringing this kind of open source ethos into the intelligence community," Dennehy said during a panel discussion organized by the Washington office of Internet giant Google.

The Central Intelligence Agency analyst recalled Mahatma Gandhi's quote: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

"We've been ignored,

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Times Online

The torture claims are part of a wide-ranging investigation which also includes accusations that officers fabricated evidence and stole suspects’ property. It has already led to the abandonment of a drug trial and the suspension of several police officers.

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The Smoking Gun

A telephone prankster posing as a sprinkler company employee caused havoc Saturday morning at an Arkansas Holiday Inn when he convinced an employee to set off the hotel's fire alarm, smash windows, shut down electricity, and break a sprinkler head that flooded the building lobby.

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FBI Director Robert Mueller on Monday defended the agency's use of informants within U.S. mosques, despite complaints from Muslim organizations that worshippers and clerics are being targeted instead of possible terrorists.

Mueller's comments came just days after a Michigan Muslim organization asked the Justice Department to investigate complaints that the FBI is asking the faithful to spy on Islamic leaders and worshippers. Similar alarm followed the disclosure earlier this year that the FBI planted a spy in Southern California mosques.


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Arizona Daily Star

The fedgov's push includes freeing overtime funds for local police & county sheriff's deputies to help conduct inspections. Nogales police & Santa Cruz County sheriff's deputies have already been trained, & Pima County sheriff's deputies were receiving training last week to conduct random, unannounced southbound inspections

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Why does the government call the people corporations names spelled in all capital letters? Why do all courts fly admiralty flags, the ones with the gold fringe, in the courtroom. This is because they derive their "power" to control the population indirectly from the constitution specifically from Article 1 section 8 "To declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal. A Letter of Marque is an international agreement that allows a Pirate to become a Privateer.

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A 72-year-old woman is pulled over for speeding, then tasered and sent to jail. Kathryn Winkfein says she drives to Austin about twice a month to do her shopping. But on a Monday afternoon, a Travis County Constable deputy pulled her over, on her way back to Granite Schoals. Video:

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Papers Please

As of today, even U.S. citizens are officially prisoners in the USA, or exiles barred from entering our own country without the government’s permission. We are now forbidden by Federal regulations from leaving or entering the USA by air, sea, or land, unless the government chooses to allow us to.