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Technology Review

Tesla Motors, based in San Marcos, CA, unveiled its Model S sedan, a car that the company has been promising for years. The biggest change compared to the company's Roadster sports car, other than the appearance and price (the base price is half

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If you’re part of the government/surveillance-complex in Arizona (the extensive collaboration of private companies corrupting law enforcement with the prospect of bucketfuls of money), it sure does seem like it’s hard to catch a break these days.

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A city such as Los Angeles was built out on a grid system with traffic moving to the grid edges in order to move on out to another such grid. The operative idea was to avoid congestion within the grid boundaries. Not a bad plan for a small town, but

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Mother Jones

Americans can buy virtually anything over the Internet these days—sex, booze, houses—everything, that is, but a new car. If you want to buy a new car, you have to go down to your local dealership and haggle with the car salesmen

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Traffic warning signs are changed to zombie warning signs. [in various stories, this is the work of "remote hackers", a "UT computer genius", or, just plain hackers that crack the well-known password: DOTS]

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Papers Please

The USA is seeking to establish a global traveling norm requiring government-issued ID for all forms of travel, a life-time record for individual travel histories & mandatory government permission for all travel, particularly air or international tra

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Independent Texans

It appears today that TxDOT has come to its knees — at least for the moment, and we can claim a important though partial victory in fighting the mammoth Trans-Texas Corridor. To be sure, this is TxDOT spin, but it is clear that they are responding to

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AirTran Airways apologized Friday to nine Muslims kicked off a New Year's Day flight to Florida after other passengers reported hearing a suspicious remark about airplane security. One of the passengers said the confusion started at Reagan Nation

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Metro light rail faces plenty of challenges running its new transit system. It has trains to take care of, schedules to meet and the complex demands of planning extensions. Just as difficult: juggling the money to pay for it all. The $1.4 BILLION sp

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Detroit Free Press

GM spokesman Tony Cervone acknowledged today that the board has examined the possibility of bankruptcy as an option the automaker may need to pursue should it not receive its share of a $25 billion low-cost loan package the Detroit automakers are see

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