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New York Times

The report’s release marks the start of what is certain to be impassioned debate over whether to lift a nearly three-decade moratorium and permit landowners in southern Virginia to extract ore from a vast underground deposit, as they first sought to

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USA Today

A dispute over a Canada to Texas oil pipeline threatened to complicate efforts in Congress to pass legislation that would avert a New Year's tax increase for millions of Americans and extend government benefits to the unemployed.

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Terrence Aym

Researchers have been laboring towards a quantum leap seeking to meet the soaring demand for smaller, more powerful, longer-lasting batteries. Some thought achieving such a thing would be nothing short of magic. The magic began in a small way during

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But he and colleagues Kenji Tanaka and Kiyoshi Uzawa from the University of Tokyo found that "discarding the idea of 'stable and upright' might lead to a new low-cost wind turbine concept".

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Tom Krupenkin via

Humans are not very efficient. When we walk, we waste close to 20 watts of energy per second. Instead of turning all calories into lift or forward motion, we turn most of them into heat that’s quickly dissipated.