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This fall, U.S. law enforcement personnel will have their final chance to take advantage of a rare opportunity. Participants will travel to Israel to receive "homeland security training," but the counterterrorism briefings and martial arts practice sessions are only one part of the package. The program also includes visits to Christian religious sites in the Holy Land — an aspect likely to be especially attractive to Christian Zionists — along with other sites such as the Knesset and the Israeli "security fence".

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The Shas media reacted to the entire scandal with countercharges of anti-Semitism. Yitzhak Kakun, editor of the Shas newspaper Yom Le'Yom told the Jerusalem Post: "The FBI purposely attempted to arrest as many rabbis as possible at once in an attempt to humiliate them." Meanwhile, Nissim Ze'ev, a Shas Knesset member, said, "The U.S. police are trying to make it seem as though there is some kind of Jewish mafia." When in doubt, scream anti-Semitism and Holocaust and all your worries, inmoralities & wrongdoing will disappear like magic. Oy!

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Just when I think that the IDF and Israel’s far-right religious leadership cannot get any weirder, they surprise me yet again. The IDF distributed to its soldiers a pamphlet endorsed by a far-right pro-settler rabbi and written by the American Orthodox movement. It contained this little bit of Jewish conspiracy theory paranoia:

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When Yehuda Shaul finished his required Israeli military service in 2004, he used his army discharge as seed money for Breaking the Silence, a reservists' group that challenges Israeli military policy.

On Wednesday, Breaking the Silence released its most ambitious project to-date: A 110-page collection of testimony from more than two dozen soldiers who fought in Gaza during lsrael's 22-day military offensive last winter.


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June 08, 2009 C-SPAN
"My primary concern is the safety of ISRAEL" - "Who's going to take responsibility for keeping Israel safe?"
Jon Voight
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