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A surprise victory in Lebanon by an anti-Syrian coalition against the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its allies should be confirmed on Monday with the release of official results of the country's parliamentary election. Officials from rival camps estimated the bloc won around 70 seats in the 128-member assembly in Sunday's vote. Interior Minister Ziad Baroud was set to announce the final results later in the day,

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On June 6, 2009 Freedom Fighter Radio took to the streets in Atlanta Georgia in Centennial Park across from CNN world headquarters.His mission to educate people on the threats facing America. Loose Change DVD ’s were passed out and Jim talked with people in the street about the NWO,police state ,911 and the American Resistance Movement.

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Fox News

DEVELOPING: The first bodies of passengers of the doomed Air France flight that plummeted into the sea have been found, Brazil's air force said Saturday.

The Brazilian military said search crews scanning the Atlantic Ocean located two male bodies of passengers aboard Flight 447 — which crashed midway through a trip from Rio de Janeiro to Paris before dawn Monday morning.

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The crews also found debris, Brazilian air force spokesman Jorge Amaral told reporters in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife.

Amaral said the bodies were recovered Saturday morning and were picked up roughly 400 miles northeast of the Fernando de Noronha islands off Brazil's northern coast.<

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Natural News

Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) received at least $29 million from his share of royalties for Merck’s Rotateq vaccine after using his position with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure that childhood vaccination with the vaccine became compulsory.

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Freedom Fighter Radio

The Defense Department is reportedly furious with the President’s proposal to sell blueprints of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber to the People’s Republic. Gates has flatly rejected the President’s plan, but has since been asked to step down if he will not facilitate the process.