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The U.S. government has bought 195 million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine for a possible autumn vaccination campaign, a U.S. federal official said on Thursday.The U.S. Health and Human Services department has also contracted for 120 million doses of adjuvant, a compound to stretch the number of doses of vaccine needed

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Maybe it’s interesting that vaccines that are stockpiled for “biodefense” purposes carry the 666 designation, but for purposes of the swine flue H1N1 vaccination that will be coming out in a few months, this US666 and EU666 wouldn’t apply because it hasn’t been stockpiled; it’s new.  

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Raw Story

A shelter for adolescents in southern Illinois is suing the local sheriff’s office for what it describes as an unprovoked attack by two police officers on four children, three of whom were tasered, and one of whom was threatened with sodomy by a sheriff’s deputy.

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Freedom Fighter

Dr. Taitz brings forward allegations that Barrack Obama is unlawfully holding the position as President of the United States. She currently is representing approx. 170 military members including commissioned officers in a lawsuit to force Barrack Obama to produce his birth certificate, proving that he is eligible to hold the position of President.

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Washington Post

Images and accounts of the North Korean gulag become sharper, more harrowing and more accessible with each passing year. Most work 12- to 15-hour days until they die of malnutrition-related illnesses, usually around the age of 50. Allowed just one set of clothes, they live and die in rags, without soap, socks, underclothes or sanitary napkins.

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Many Americans have recently become outraged at the Cap and Trade bill. Global warming has been proven to be a lie. But what no one has talked about yet is how organizations that are heavily supported by the patriot community are supporting the agendas just listed and more.

Are you opposed to the Cap and Trade? Are you pro-life? Do you support the Second Amendment? Do you oppose those that are promoting a global warming lie? Do you oppose the real ID act? (which was birthed by the DHS) Do you oppose the NWO plan of Depopulation?

Then you must oppose numbers USA, and all organizations that support and back Numbers USA. Why? Because Numbers USA has on their board of advisors individuals that support all of the above.

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Freedom Fighter Radio

It is the intention of Obama,Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite and many other politicians and representatives within the high ranks of The United States of America to pledge their allegiance to the United Nations and to dismantle all national boundaries

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Joel Skousen

World Affairs Brief, July 17, 2009 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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