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Daily Express

WEAPONS inspector David Kelly was writing a book exposing highly damaging government secrets before his ­mysterious death.  Following his death, his computers were seized and it is still not known if any rough draft was discovered by investigators and, if so, what happened to the material.

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Danger Room

The project, known as the “Chip-Scale High Energy Atomic Beams” program, is an effort aimed at working on the core technologies behind a tiny particle accelerator, capable of firing subatomic particles at incredible speeds. It’s part of a larger Darpa plan to reduce all sorts of devices to microchip-scale  

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Another opportunity has been missed again to warn Americans on a clear and present danger of how the Global Elite aided and abetted by our wicked leaders and Obama.The Tea Parties that occurred this past Saturday July 4, 2009 had a perfect opportunity to warn America of the below information, They knew of this yet ignored this chance to get the word out on a massive scale. Of the enemies of America plans to do the following.

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American Resistance Movement

The legal description of the Hondurian “coup” which saw President Mel Zelaya’s removed from power by the armed forces. The document is being pushed in diplomatic circles by those opposed to President Zelaya but has not otherwise appeared.Could this be the possible fate of the current U.S. Administration?

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Dana Gabriel

North American integration is a deep-rooted agenda that continues on many different fronts. This has not changed under an Obama administration. Posted on the U.S. Department of State’s website calendar of events is the fifth annual North American Leaders Summit, which is set to take place August 8-11 in Mexico.  

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The Virginian-Pilot

A just-amended lawsuit alleges six additional instances of unprovoked attacks on Iraqi civilians by Blackwater contractors.The Blackwater guards also shot the boy’s mother in the back as she bent over trying to shield her 3-month-old daughter, who nevertheless was shot in the face.

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Thousands of casinos, slot-machine parlors and betting halls across Russia shut down, complying with sweeping new restrictions that require all gambling business to relocate to four remote regions of the country.

The law put 400,000 people out of work at a time when Russia's economic crisis is deepening and unemployment is rising.