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Belfast Telegraph

North Korea boasted that it has become a "proud nuclear power" and threatened today to harm the US if attacked, as tensions mounted over a possible crackdown on exports of suspected missile parts from the North. President Barack Obama said the US is ready to cope with "any contingencies" involving North Korea and vowed not to "reward belligerence and provocation".

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The American Resistance Movement is now in possession of the 76 page guide lists the radio frequencies, repeater input / output / talk-around frequencies, trunked radio network details including CTCSS codes for “private line” carrier squelching, satellite communications codes, radio programming instructions and more! 

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  By: James J. Stachowiak (A.R.M.) Here is a novel idea since the Global elite wants to train foreign troops on our soil to be used against us at some point in the not to distant future try this. This is the time when foreign troops will be training alongside our troops on our soil. If you get the chance do not treat the Foreign Troops with any respect rather the opposite let them know they are very un-welcome on our soil. In fact lets all destroy some UN flags along with flags from their countries as well. Lets send them all a message we will never tolerate foreign troops taking actions in any way against us. This exercise needs to have as much difficulty as possible within the frame work of the law.So lets tie up all our own lines of communication. I recommend to all to overload all your communication devices,cellphones and wireless internet during the NLE09 Fema drill July27th thru 31st. The American Resistance Movement is now in possession of the 76 page guide

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Truth Nuke

Fear, sorrow, and despair plague the patriot that fights for independence. As pouring antiseptic in a wound stings, so does the cleansing of a nation. Many innocent will be lost, and evil at times will appear victorious. Henceforth, we must remember revolutions are won by endurance, improvisation, and the will to survive.

Iran has gone from worse to horrific as YouTube videos display the real effects of change. Horrible that it is to see a young woman killed, the duping of the Iranian people by CIA and Mossad agents within Tehran must be the ones held accountable. Since 2007, and probably earlier, black op insurgents from the United States and Israel have engaged in a “shadow war” with Iran. Their goal was and still is to destabilize the region.

Attaining merit within organized history novels, otherwise known as textbooks, what should be common knowledge is labeled conspiracy theory by the average beer-guzzling, sports-crazed American. Subjects such as

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Hello Americans I am here to tell you that you hold your own fate and way of life in the palm of your hands. You are under the ever watchful eye of an ever increasing tyrannical government.Many of us have been told that our actions are traitorous and un-American why because we support the people because we support the Constitution. I’m here to tell you people that are asleep that you are the traitors you that stand idly by while our freedoms are stripped from us are the un-Americans.

Yet today Barack Hussein Obama and members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives and the mainstream media condemn the attacks on Iranians right of free speech the physical abuse and executions of those that speak out for freedom in Iran Yet in our own country today the mainstream media which serves as nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the Whitehouse and the globalists along with our elected representatives continue to push for legislation and various