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CameraFRAUD - The Cameras are Coming Down

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Recent changes have been proposed to your state reps by Redflex that opens the path towards the automation and privatization of the judicial branch of government...

It’s become increasingly clear to this writer t

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The Riverfront Times

After obtaining unreleased police records, conducting interviews, reviewing court documents and internet comments Paul Rubin meticulously reconstructs the events leading up to the honor killing of Noor Almaleki, who was killed by her Iraqi father.

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(Top story!) "The Easter Bunny, I guess he was hopping mad about the photo radar so he took an egg and put it on the photo radar scamera," said Shelton."

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East Valley Tribune

Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation Thursday giving her the power to sue the federal government over the new health care legislation. Brewer sought the authorization, contending Congress and President Obama overstepped their legal authority by requ

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East Valley Tribune

The owner of a tattoo parlor whose business application was denied by Mesa to open a shop has filed a civil lawsuit against the city. Coleman’s attorney, Michael Kielsky, believes he has a case against the city because his application was denied base

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BONUS POINT: The person with the mortgage is Michele Reagan, a State Rep from the State of Arizona. (Ernie, you have GOT to get her on your show.) Using tips that sound like something out of recent

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