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East Valley Tribune

Arizona's new statewide photo radar system isn't generating anywhere near the cash that was touted as violators can't be identified and citations remain unpaid. And the Auditor General's Office, which conducted the study, also concluded there's no

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Reason Magazine

"Andy Thomas has a reckless streak to him," says Clint Bolick, director of constitutional studies for the Goldwater Institute, Arizona's largest right-leaning think tank. "He's willing to use law enforcement tools in ways that are pretty blatant abus

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Arizona Republic

A man charged with killing the operator of a speed-camera van along a Phoenix freeway wept in court Tuesday during a hearing. Commissioner Patricia Arnold set two court dates for next month during the short hearing for Thomas Patrick Destories, 68

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Morpheus and Vengencia head to the parade in Phoenix where the residents of phoenix come to view the spectacle of the annual Fiesta Bowl Parade. The dynamic duo are eager to distribute the anti police state surveillance masks amongst the crowd gathe