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MESA, Ariz. (AP) - A businessman is seeking nearly $70,000 from the City of Mesa after he was denied permission to open a tattoo parlor.

The notice of claim is a precursor to a lawsuit and comes slightly less than six months after the Mesa City Council rejected Ryan Coleman's application to open Angel Tattoo near Dobson and Baseline roads.

Attorney Michael Kielsky said his client has a case because the application was denied based on "a negative perception" about tattoo establishments, not tangible proof it would be detrimental to the neighborhood.

Recently, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled Tempe's decision to revoke a tattoo parlor's business license was arbitrary and lacked credible evidence that the business would have decreased the area's property values.

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East Valley Tribune

An attorney representing a tattoo parlor applicant has filed a claim against Mesa seeking $69,800 plus interest for the money they spent to try to open the business and profits lost.

They're also asking for either the right to open the parlor, or an extra $25,000 plus interest.

The notice of claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, comes slightly less than six months after the Mesa City Council rejected an application by Ryan Coleman to open Angel Tattoo near Dobson and Baseline roads.

The city has 60 days to respond. If it doesn't, it would be considered a denial of the claim.

"Then we may file a lawsuit if we so choose," said Michael Kielsky, the attorney representing Coleman.


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During this part of the meeting GAO representative Richard Stana used a very poor sports analogy to try and convince the public that interior checkpoints on America's streets are necessary. What Mr. Stana failed to acknowledge is that football players, and fans who attend football games, are engaging in voluntary interactions. Nobody forces football players to play the game and no one grabs individuals off the streets and forces them to watch and cheer the football players on.

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In summary, the second part of Mr. Stana's presentation was even more disappointing than the first. Mr. Stana went out of his way to ignore facts that undermined his conclusion that interior checkpoints are needed while artificially bolstering facts absent proper context that supported his position.

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A videotape that shows a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office detective in a heated exchange with a cameraman has some people claiming the actions are a violation of civil  rights.  The YouTube video shows a member of the sheriff's office confronting a man shooting video of a crime sweep Saturday at Gran Mercado.

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Arizona Republic

Officers sat outside Vontesmar's home and watched him drive to work. "We watched him 4 different times put the monkey mask on and put the giraffe-style mask on," Officer Dave Porter said. "Based on surveillance, we were positive that Vontesmar was the driver."

Porter said that it would be up to justices of the peace to determine what to do with Vontesmar's tickets, but the officer said there is enough evidence to reissue the tickets in Vontesmar's name, despite his claims that he was not the driver.


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AZ drivers punished more heavily than those from Canada or Mexico... An internal document used as a reference guide by Redflex employees and obtained by CameraFRAUD provides new insights into the company’s various automated ticketing schemes throughout Arizona. The document, titled “Procedural Manual” and dated April of 2009, includes a visual flow-chart for determining whether or not a “ticket” (notice of violation) should be issued. Guesswork appears to be the rule of thumb when it comes to sending out a so-called “notice of violation,” even in situations where officials have said that a notice wouldn’t be mailed: * Gender mismatch (Redflex photo vs. MVD). Issue ticket? Yes. (More after the jump)

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