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Weather Channel

PUBLISHER'S NOTE - Phoenix was hit heavy with storms that knocked out power and causes server damage - with the H2OPE System, a back up generator, and a plan, we are still here!

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Simple Justice

Not that any pass constitutional muster, but of the knee-jerk laws passed to criminalize revenge porn, Arizona's was among the worst. On behalf of bookstores, libraries, newspapers and other lawful and First Amendment protected people

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Associated Press

A Scottsdale, Arizona, woman is being charged after police say she slapped one of their patrol horses. Scottsdale police charged 25-year-old Selma Gonzalez with intent to kill or harm a service animal, which qualifies as a felony.

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Phoenix New Times

A Mesa police officer has been indicted on three felony sex-crime offenses, all of which allegedly occurred while he was on duty. Justin Cherry, 34, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual molestation of a child.

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AZ Central

Tempe is the first city in Arizona to ban e-cigarette use in public areas. The ordinance mirrors regulation of tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarette users will no longer be able to light up in restaurants, bars or other enclosed public places.

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A gathering of free-thinkers to promote awareness, creativity and personal evolution. Facilitated by Bob Podolsky, Author, Creativity Enhancement Consultant and Ethics Educator Through amplifying and synchronizing participants' energy fields, s

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