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San Francisco Bay Guardian

[The following are 4 articles coming out of San Francisco within 24 hours of one another.] It's tempting to want to promote the GOP's dark-hourse phenon, Rep. Ron Paul, because all he can do in the primaries is beat up and damage the front ru

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San Francisco Chronicle

Surely you've heard that Dennis Hof -- owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel near Carson City -- has cast the first official whorehouse endorsement of the 2008 presidential campaign when he announced that he'll back Republican Rep. Ron Pa

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We submitted our 30-second video to the Ron Paul 2008 Ad Competition. It didn't win, but it got some looks. Freedom's Phoenix readers sent in some great shots we used. [video]

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The Republican Presidential candidates participated in a 2 hour debate this evening entertaining questions from people submitted via YouTube. Ron Paul was present. Yet, the gaps in coverage for Dr. Paul between questions stretched on and on and on.

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Ron Paul wasn't even mentioned??? :) Arizona _knows_ that the NRA (National Republican Apologists) are a major part of the decay of support for the 2nd Amendment. They represent Compromise & Fear while they pander to The State.

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by Ted Roelofs - Religion News Service

Wayne, the youngest, has a master's degree in accounting. Jerrold has a doctorate in counseling. Ron, the middle brother and politician, is a former obstetrician. David, the pastor, has a bachelor of divinity degree. William, the oldest, has a do