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Antiwar blog

Ron Paul is the only non-Armageddon presidential candidate among the Republicans. He is the only person who staunchly opposes a massive first strike against Iran because of its alleged nuclear program. He has long been ridiculed for his aversion t

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Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has stepped down as head of his consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, after months of refusing to disclose the firm's clients. One client sheltered Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,

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Raw Story (video)

Ron Paul defended his anti-abortion stance during an intense grilling from the women hosting The View, acknowledging that he was unlikely to convince the pro-choice women of his position and that it would be virtually impossible to comp

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72,924 Ron Paul supporters that span the political spectrum in 1,302 Meetup groups from 1,007 cities. Only 435 congressional and 35 senate seats up for grabs. The forecast calls for a VERY hot summer and fall 2008.

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The Richmond Democrat

I think it is clear now that there was no busing of Ron Paul's supporters at this Year's Virginia Republican Advance. It looks to me that Paul's grassroots is just a lot more fired up than other Republicans. Those who accused Paul's s

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McClatchy News

He spoke out against putting dope dealers in federal prison, opposed a bill to crack down on child pornography and voted against the Iraq war. Then Ron Paul announced that he was running for president — as a Republican.

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LA Times

CNN brought the Republican presidential candidates together this week for what is loosely termed a "debate," what did the country get but a discussion of immigration, Biblical inerrancy and the propriety of flying the Confederate flag?

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Following his sophomore and junior years at Yale—a well-known recruiting ground for the CIA—Cooper spent his summers interning at the agency's monolithic headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in a program for students interested in intelligence work