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Since the dawn of time, humans have been confounded by cats, those mystifyingly aloof creatures whose inner thoughts are famously inscrutable. But no longer! Temptations Cat Treats has invented a cat collar that lets your feline speak in a human voic

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the truth about vaccine failures. (NaturalNews) In case you hadn't heard, there is something going on at the Harvard University campus that isn't supposed to happen: There is a widening outbreak of mumps, and all the students who have contracted the

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The Friday afternoon news dump, a grand tradition observed by politicians and capitalists alike, is usually supposed to hide bad news. So it was a little weird that Elon Musk, founder of electric car maker Tesla, and Sam Altman, president of famed te

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drinks a day can make your blood pressure soar. (NaturalNews) The deception with energy drinks begins with the word "energy." Once inside the body, these beverages actually go to war with the body's inherent ability to produce cellular energy. By cre

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