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Harvard researchers have created a 3D programmable mechanical metamaterial that can be programmed to change shape, volume and size on command, making it ideal for building a range of different assemblies and structures that can be automatically alter

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(NaturalNews) Are people responsible for actions they have yet to commit? This moral dilemma doesn't just make for fun armchair philosophy. A team of researchers has demonstrated that computers are better than human judges at predicting who will comm

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claiming all plant molecules now belong exclusively to Big Pharma. (NaturalNews) Hemp oil extracts containing CBDs (cannibidiols) are such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry that the FDA is now invoking totally insane justifications for outlawin

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by Charlene Gubash, Cassandra Vinograd and F. Brin

Radar scans of King Tut's tomb have revealed two spaces on the north and east chambers of the pharaonic mausoleum that could contain the "discovery of the century," Egypt's antiquities ministry said Thursday.

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than governments or corporations. (NaturalNews) You don't have to be an academic to be a scientist. Citizen science is growing globally. Communities with an amateur interest in science have helped classify galaxies, detect signs of disease, and unea

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Our immune system doesn't always discern between actual threats and false-positives. What's worse, long-term inflammation is especially harmful for our bodies, exposing us to a host of diseases and shortening our life-span. Therefore, it's only na

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