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The fascinating properties of light and its electromagnetic partner electricity have been the focus for a great deal of physics research over the centuries. So, with all these years of study, it could be expected that there may not be much left to le

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By: Justin Gardner / (The Free Thought Project) If anyone needs a reminder on the absurdity of the U.S. approach to drugs, consider the fact that cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 drug with "no currently accepted medical use" and a "high p

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A deprescription program among elderly patients was recently shown to reduce the risk of death by 38%. [British Journal Pharmacology April 14, 2016] For comparison, statin drugs reduce the risk of mortality from heart disease by around 3% compared t

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Some people might have heard about Smart Dust; nanoparticles that can be employed as sensor networks for a range of security and environmental applications. Now, however, literal Smart Dust for the brain is being proposed as the next step toward esta

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