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Article Image News Link • Global, Robert Nelson

Newcastle University has recently begun a field trial to see whether Google Glass will be able to assist people with Parkinson's. In this case Newcastle University was gifted five pairs of Glass which researchers are using to see whether they can be

Article Image News Link • Global, By Heidi Hoopes

It may be a little late for April Fool’s, but some skepticism is nonetheless warranted when reading that researchers have shown nanoparticles to disobey a fundamental law of physics which dictates the flow of entropy and heat in, it was believed, any

Article Image News Link • Global, TORI TELFER

Beauty advertisements tend to be aspirational at best and wildly unrealistic at worst, implying that their products aren’t just products, but magical potions designed to make you the prettiest princess at the ball, improve your love life, and keep yo

Article Image News Link • Global, By Mike Hanlon

In November 2009, the Accuracy International L115A3 sniper rifle was the weapon used in the most prodigious feat of marksmanship in military history – two consecutive confirmed kills at 2.47 kilometers were followed by a third shot which disabled the

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