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Judicial Watch

The shady Iranian fundraiser who for years donated lucrative sums to top Democrats—including the president, vice president and secretary of state—has pleaded guilty to a major bank-fraud scheme that could land him in jail for nearly two decades. D

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The Plunge Protection Team's job description is to prevent another 1987-like 'Black Monday' from occurring (the Dow fell 22.61% on 10-19-1987). How can that be done? According to John Crudele of the New York Post, Robert Heller, a former member

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Neither the FDIC or Treasury has a spare $500 billion laying around for the potential payout to depositors that might be necessary in such an instance, we cannot reasonably assume that the risk of financial Armageddon has in fact passed...

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Lew Rockwell

The comparison of the government to a referee needs to be retired. The government is the major player in the game. Its referee uniform is a disguise, which makes it all the more effective as a player.

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The facts are there for anyone who cares to view them. By the government’s own numbers, the rate of child assault, rape, starvation, and murder is far higher among children in state “care” than it is in the general population.