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One of the most thrilling memories of the 2012 campaign was the sight of those huge crowds who came out to see Ron.

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As the Republican convention-goers gather in Tampa, Florida, the Republican party Establishment is eager to crush any public expressions of dissent — both inside and outside the convention hall.

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The Republican National Committee's Rules Committee voted to require written certification that a presidential candidate has a plurality of delegates from five states in order to get a space on the convention ballot — a move intended to provide a war


Take their word for it: Every major official in the Republican Party is really, truly, 100 percent enthusiastically committed to electing Mitt Romney this November, and they’re convinced he’ll win on Nov. 6.

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Looking back a couple days to a report put out by CNN stating that despite the number of days worked, it has very little accomplishments to show for this time spent. I do not think a deep or intense level of analysis is needed, as most see Congress

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This may sound odd. Conservatives don't love taxes. They want lower taxes. Right? They want lower taxes and smaller government.

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The Fort Worth convention center welcomed delegates to the Texas Republican State Convention on Thursday morning June 7th with a few rousing bagpipe tunes.