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While the US prides itself in free and fair elections, RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports on some of the flaws and double standards in the electoral system that American politicians pretend don’t exist.

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As the American presidential election tightens in its final month, the series of debates between the contenders is now underway.

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It’s only natural that the Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama, and the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, should participate in tonight’s first presidential debate, but in fact there are two other candidates who qualified for the ballot in enough st

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan arrived in Ohio this week to news of dropping poll numbers and a widening gap in the Buckeye state between the Republican nominee and President Obama.

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The Moocher Myth: Republicans are successful, responsible strivers who pay taxes while Democrats are irresponsible moochers living off government programs. But research shows that the states that got the most per capita in federal $ were more likely

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